Conditionals of the refunding.

The standard period of the full refund is 14 (fourteen) calendar days. When the order sending by transport companies, the first day it is considered when our company receive the goods.

Special conditions return.

In some cases we can to increase the term of the good’s returning. Changing of standard conditions are discussed with the seller before making an order. Refund is making during 7 days from the moment of the good’s returning. When the order is returning from the regions, refund is making when our company receive the goods, delivered by the transport company.

Returning the details.

We are not accept the details, which are not standardly cut off per the client request. These details, in particular, include: the rear wings, sills, spars, rear panels, roof and roof rack.

Special notes.

Specialists of our organization put special marks on the difficult used details, for example: gearboxes, distributing boxes, gears, engine parts, engine parts attachments, electronic components. At installations of the details on your car, it is forbidden to wash away and to partially damage these marks. Otherwise, claims for the quality of spare parts will be not acceptable.

If term has expired and the detail is not appropriate.

The details with the expired returning term, which are not appropriate for the car, can be accepted by our company. We can make an exchange for other details or make the refund. Every case is individual and is discussed on the commission by our managers.