We ship the items after the 100% payment by Bank transfer of by PayPal. The return warranty (for orders with delivery) works without restriction and is provided under general conditions.

How to order

1. When you select an item, please check the availability, conditions and cost of the good. You can call operator by phone, write an e-mail or by sending a request via the feedback form on the site. Delivery is not included in the cost of goods.

2. Please write your full name, full shipping address (country, city, post code), phone number. Full shipping address is important for the calculating exact shipping cost.

3. Once you have sent a request - our operator will contact you with further instructions.

4. In the case of needs we can send you more pictures of the goods.

If payment is made up to 12 hours of the day - we can send the goods the same day . If payment is made after 12 hours of the day - delivery is made only the next day. In some cases, to send parcel required 1-2 (max) days.

Delivery is not included in the cost of goods.

Rates (for EUROPE):

0-5kg - 20 – 45 EURO

5-10kg - 45 – 62 EURO

10-20kg - 62 – 96 EURO

20-30kg - 96 – 127 EURO

The above shipping cost is indicative only and is always calculated individually.

To calculate the total cost of shipping, please contact our operator by e-mail :

Delivery takes 5-14 days depending on the destination country.

In the event of delays in customs we immediately notify customers.

We use only Express post, such as DHL, EMS, SPSR, UPS.

Because of the warehouses amount around the world, the customs fees is possible.

Rules for parcel receiving

Please, check the parcel in the presence of courier.

If parts are broken, do not accept them! The courier is required to write

an Act of rejection of acceptance and take the parcel away.

If possible, take some photos of damaged parts.

Please, inform us as soon as possible about incident via e-mail.

Accepting of parcel means that you agree to the good condition inside parcel and we are not able

to refund your loss.